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Mathematics Lab
University of Mississippi Mathematics Lab


If you are in an online class, you do not test at the Math Lab. Check your Blackboard/Syllabus for information on how you test!

Testing Information

  1. You must know your Hawkes username and password to log in to take any tests! Please make sure you have know these, otherwise you will have to reset your password and go outside the lab to use your phone to get to your email. This often creates a backup outside the lab and is inconvenient for both students and proctors.
  2. The Bronze Line is the campus shuttle that runs from the main part of campus to the JAC. See for information. Note that JAC East is the first stop at the JAC.
  3. For students preferring to drive to the JAC, the JAC is a “Commuter Red” parking area. See to see if your parking decal allows you to park at the JAC.
  4. There are four 60-minute tests and a 120-minute comprehensive final exam during the semester. Test dates are listed on your course syllabus and on the calendar.
  5. An appointment is REQUIRED to take a test. Schedule your appointment at (or, if it applies to you, the scheduler for students with accommodations).  You can reschedule your test if needed (as long as there are available openings). Note that you must use your email address to schedule your tests.
  6. Appointments must be scheduled by 11:59pm on Tuesdays of tests weeks (Sunday for final exams week) to guarantee a seat. Also note that appointments must be scheduled at least 10 hours in advance.
  7. Please view the following video for more in-depth instructions for scheduling appointments.
  8. Arrive on time for your test.  We suggest you arrive at least 10 minutes early. If you are more than 5 minutes late, we will try to work you in for the next appointment time (if there are seats available). You must bring a picture id (Ole Miss ID card, Driver’s License, Passport, etc.) to check in for a test.
  9. It is suggested that you do not bring your cell phone to the lab on test day. If you need to bring your phone with you, then it must be checked at the check-in desk outside the lab. If you have a cell phone with you in the testing area, even if it’s in your pocket and turned off, it will considered academic dishonesty. You will be given a cell phone card if you check a phone. Keep this card with you so that you can get your phone back when you are done!
  10. When you enter the lab there is a set of shelves that you can place backpacks on. Please use the shelves rather than the floor for this, as it could create a tripping hazard.
  11. The only thing you can bring with you into the testing area is a pen or pencil. Please bring your own pen or pencil.
  12. You can leave things like wallets in your pocket. If you have a purse, place it underneath your chair when you sit down to test.
  13. A TI-30XS Multiview calculator will be sitting at each computer on test days. No other calculators or electronic devices are allowed in the testing area.
  14. You cannot bring any external paper into the testing area. As you enter the lab there will be a shelf with scratch paper available.
  15. When you are seated, you may begin your exam.  You will need to log in to Hawkes and navigate to your test to begin.
  16. Scratch paper CANNOT be taken out of the lab. If you wish to get it from your instructor the following week, put your name on it and place it in their mailbox. Otherwise, place it in the recycle bin. Place any unused scratch paper back on the shelf where you got your scratch paper.
  17. You may not leave during a test without permission.  This includes getting water and using the restroom. Please do this before checking in. If you absolutely need to use the restroom then you must completely empty your pockets at the front desk. Let one of the employees know. If you leave your test without permission, it will be submitted at that point.
  18. On test dates, tutoring is more limited, but is still available in Hume 324/326.
  19. Tutoring labs will not be open during final exams week.