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The University of Mississippi wants you to succeed when it comes to math.

Success in math starts with taking the right course. It is important that you are placed in the appropriate math course so you do not waste time and money in courses for which you are over- or under-qualified.

The University is implementing a program called ALEKS PPL for placing students in appropriate math classes. ALEKS – Assessment and Learning in Knowledge Spaces – is a web-based learning system that uses artificial intelligence. Currently, this assessment is available to students with a math sub-score of 17 or 18 on the ACT, revised SAT math scores from 460 – 500, or students that do not have ACT or SAT scores.

ALEKS efficiently assesses readiness for courses ranging from basic arithmetic up to Calculus I in a single assessment with a maximum of 30 questions. Based on the results of the assessment, ALEKS creates an individualized study plan called a Prep and Learning Module to help you refresh what you’ve forgotten. After reviewing, the assessment can be retaken up to four times to allow you to improve your math placement and skip lower-level courses.

Access to ALEKS is $15, which includes five attempts at the placement assessment as well as six months access to the Prep and Learning Modules. Click the link below for more detailed information.

Download more information on ALEKS by clicking HERE!

Your ALEKS score shows what course, or courses, you would be eligible to register for after taking the placement test. Below is a chart showing which course(s) corresponds to your score.

If you wish to take the assessment, after you’ve read the information above, you must apply so that we can verify your eligibility. Click the link below to apply.

Note: If a student wants to place into a math course for a specific term, the test must be taken prior to the first week of classes for that term.

To apply to take the ALEKS PPL Placement Assessment click HERE!

Check with your academic advisor for the correct math placement class for your degree program.


Corresponding UM Course(s)

0 to 29

DS 099

30 to 45

Math 115, Math 120

46 to 60

Math 121

61 to 75

Math 123, Math 125, Math 267

76 to 100

Math 261