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Mathematics Lab
University of Mississippi Mathematics Lab


Please note that you must use your email address to log in. No other email address will allow you to log in. Also, your password is the same as your WebID (Ole Miss password).

See for an instructional video on creating your password, scheduling, and rescheduling.

Scheduling/Rescheduling/Checking Your Appointment Time

DO NOT email the math lab, unless you have watched the scheduling video. Again, here is a video on scheduling:

The link above is for “Standard Testing” only, which applies to most students. Standard Testing occurs in the Math Lab at the Jackson Avenue Center.

If you receive accommodations from SDS, and have set up these accommodations with your instructor, you should be scheduling at a different web link. If this applies to you email your instructor or for that link. “Distraction & Extended Time Testing” will occur in Hume 221 (The Stats Lab). Note that you must schedule there to receive your accommodations!

Here is what you can do on your own and what is covered in the video above:

    1. How to schedule your appointment (Video Time: 0:00).
    2. How to see what day/time you schedule your appointment for (Video Time: 4:27).
    3. How to reschedule your appointment (Video Time: 4:27).

If you are in Math 115 (Elementary Statistics), Math 120 (Quantitative Reasoning), Math 121 (College Algebra), Math 167 (Business Mathematics), or Math 267/268 (Business Calculus), you should schedule at the following link.