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    Welcome to the Mathematics Lab at the University of Mississippi

    The purpose of the Math Lab is to help students develop their mathematical skills through applied methods. We offer tutoring for all mathematics courses up to Calculus 2. Our lab is staffed with a desk worker and several tutors throughout the day. The Math Lab offers a hands-on component that supplements the traditional lectures that students receive in class. Please keep in mind that the lab is here to help you understand the course material, not to simply help with your homework assignments. Understanding the material is much more important than just completing a homework assignment. We are here to help you comprehend the topics that were covered in lecture.

    Laboratory Etiquette

    Please note that laptop computers are not allowed in the Math Lab for any reason. Given the cost of the equipment in the lab we cannot allow any food or drinks in the lab. Further, please silence any electronics you may have, including cell phones, pagers, etc., when entering the lab. Feel free to ask the tutors any questions you may have. However, keep in mind that tutors are attempting to help all students that request assistance. Therefore, they cannot work with a single student for a prolonged period of time. Our apologies, but we are unable to offer extended one-on-one tutoring. Furthermore, tutors can not help you with any math problems while you are taking a test or quiz.